Just a little bit about me!

I am in my second year at Wollongong University and have already had a crack at blogging for my BCM110 subject in the first session of 2011. As the old adage goes “use it or loose it” which is pretty much what has happened as I find I have almost had to start from scratch! It’s not like riding a bicycle at all, I didn’t remember how to use wordpress, so I am kicking  myself that I didn’t keep it up. Oh well, enough complaining.

I really enjoyed writing blog style and am now trying to get my head around twitter. It seems to me that you have to be sitting on the perch 24/7 so you don’t miss anything, but maybe that is just because I am new to the platform. I am currently enrolled in Bachelor of Creative Arts/Bachelor of Arts majoring in Graphic Design and Digital Media. I have two great kids aged 16 and 14, a cat, a fish called Genghis, who also doubles as a photographic model, a rabbit and a guinea pig.  Even though this is about my fourth or fifth life,  I hope this is the one where I become rich and famous.

I have completed a diploma in web design (multimedia) and after obtaining my University degree, hope to run a successful multi faceted business incorporating web design and writing.

Well enough said or I will never get there! As my father used to say as he passed you by….”make way for a naval officer”. (He was never in the navy so it was quite amusing). The other thing he used to say was..”too late she cried as she waved her wooden leg”. No one really understood what it meant but it usually seemed appropriate.

Anyway folks, enough is enough!


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