Machinima – What is it?

Emerging from video gaming culture, Machinima is a user generated medium which utilises existing gaming platforms to create computer animations. I must admit I don’t know a great deal about this field of CGI but having watched a few on You Tube, I became pretty interested. They have a type of surreal aura to them which feel both familiar and strange at the same time.

We can follow its conception way back to late 1980’s. Not only do I think this would be an exciting and fascinating platform/technology to unpack, it is the perfect example of McLuhan’s medium is the message. The popularity and high demand of video games led to increasingly sophisticated and powerful gaming engines which eventually led to the creation of Machinima. However, my friends, that’s a long story which hopefully I will get to share with you.


Red v. Blue one of the better known examples of machinima, utilises Microsoft’s Halo gaming engine is quirky and humourous.


What do you think?

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