Damn you Numa Numa Song

Perhaps I am one of the minority who, until a week  ago,  had not heard of the Numa Numa Song. It grabbed me the first time Dr Teodor Mitew  (just plain ‘Ted’) included it as part of our BCM112 lecture titled ‘The medium is the message: trajectories of convergence’. All week the same words over and over in my head in that high pitched and somewhat melancholy voice…’Ma-ia-hii, Ma-ia-huu, Ma-ia-hoo, Ma-ia-haha’ and even as I’m typing these lines the song is playing out in my mind. I wonder how long it will continue to haunt me?

It was the addictive nature of the Lip Dub made by Gary Brolsma and its subsequent phenomenal rise to Internet fame (15.7 million views over a period a 8 years) which made it the clear choice for the subject of my first blog. Brolsma’s version of the 2003 dance single  ‘Dragostea din Tei’, originally recorded by O-Zone, was uploaded to Newgrounds in December,2004. The amazing thing about Gary Brolsma’s video is the ordinariness of it all. Just an average guy, sitting at home in New Jersey, watching You Tube stuff,  finds a cute Japanese flash animation featuring anime cats doing crazy things  to the catchy vibes of  ‘Dragostea din Tei’. Gary decides to make a video, titles it  Numa Numa Dance, uploads it and ‘Voila!’  history is made.

Gary Brolsma a 19 y.o. becomes an Internet celebrity overnight.

So I have to ask myself how could this happen? Is there something about Gary Brolsma that sets him apart from the rest of us?  There is definitely something about Gary’s delivery of the song which makes it appealing. Perhaps it is the spontaneity of his performance in the mundane  setting of his bedroom  that really strikes a chord universally. The amazing thing is that Gary’s portrayal of  ‘Dragostea din Tei’ now known as the Numa Numa Song is famous due to the availability of  Convergent Media platforms and the ability this gives to everyday users to produce something potentially great. Imagine if Gary had approached a video production company with his home made version of ‘that song I’m not going to mention again’, they would have classified him ‘cute but crazy’. And even if for some left field reason that escapes me at the moment, someone did decide to produce Gary’s video, they would have made him do it over and over until it was perfect and in the process probably destroying the very quality which makes it priceless.

If you want to delve deeper into the history of  the Numa Numa Song,(the Urban Dictionary has an alternative definition), Know Your Meme uncovers more and more versions of you know what! I only hope that tomorrow I will have forgotten the whole thing.

“A bespectacled, lip-synching young man from the Jersey suburbs has become the hottest thing to hit the Internet since the Spiridellis brothers started making JibJab cartoons”. NBCNEWS.com

3 thoughts on “Damn you Numa Numa Song

  1. I quite like it. It’s a very catchy tune, and yes, now it’s stuck in my head. I’ve never heard of it before either, so you’re not alone.

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