Rooting and Some Old Fashioned Punishment

AndroidAvatar growing roots
Rooting your Android

This week I decided to root my phone which is something I had never considered doing before! I must explain what rooting your phone entails before you all get thinking about things which are totally unrelated 🙂 LOL. Anyway, unlike the IOS, which is the operating system for mobile devices developed by Apple inc, the Android OS is open source. This means that the functionality of the device can be altered by someone who can write a new set of instructions or code. This is fantastic for the android phone user who has an older phone and would like to upgrade the software. As the phone is no longer available, upgrades are usually not available via the manufacturer. So rather than be stuck with a phone that isn’t keeping up with the fast pace of technology I can root it instead. There are tutorials on the net giving you the heads up on how to do this correctly, and then when you have accessed the phone’s operating system you can download the new software and bob’s your uncle, new phone, well almost.

Tinkering around with my mobile phone made me feel very warmly towards those in the universe who want to share with others for the benefit of humanity’s collective intelligence. When I was little my parents taught me that I must share things with my brother and I think it’s one of those basic laws that is taught to children on a universal level, in fact the bible says Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have. So why do companies such as Apple run a closed shop? Did they really believe that they could keep mobile device technology all to themselves? However there seems to be a trend towards the expansion of large companies into giant companies and these companies such as Google and Amazon, are gobbling up the smaller companies, which is sort of like trying to argue with a freight truck when you are driving a Mini-Minor. This is when it should be bottom spanking time, No,  you can’t have that technology all to yourself! It belongs to everybody.

illustration of  someone being smacked
Teaching the big companies to share!



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