Reflection Post-A.K.A.-These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things- I Mean Blogs

Hanging out with my fish Ghengis

The time has now come to choose my three best blogs, which is proving to be a little more difficult than I thought it would be. The main reason is that there are elements in each that I like or dislike, so my task is to find the ones that are best overall. The blogs that I have selected are But Words Will Never Hurt me, posted May 18,  It Takes A Lot Of courage To Blow A whistle, posted April 13, and If You Like Me-Like Me! If You Know What I Mean?, posted April 5. The elements which these blogs have in common, and seem to me to be effective, are choice and placement of images, flow of the text, well placed links which help the reader to understand the context of the blog as well as make clear my viewpoint on the subject.

But Words Will Never Hurt Me was written from a very empathetic perspective as I felt very connected with the blogger Sady Doyle, and now that I think of it, connection with the story and the author are a very important element of blogging. The first part of this blog identifies the Internet Troll and looks at the way in which they use the Internet to sling hatred. Then I introduce the victim i.e. women, and explain the impact that this online abuse is having on them. Finally I conclude with the way in which the Internet can be used to fight back against these attackers.

The ability to sway the reader to empathise and align themselves with the author is of primary importance, as I feel that this is one of the main reasons to write a blog. If a blog was just another news story then it wouldn’t be a blog, now would it? Woops, was that a rhetorical question? O.M.G. that’s two now. Oh well there goes that mark.


What do you think?

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