Have Your Media and Exercise With It Too!

woman exercising on a treadmill
Informative exercise

Back in 1992, I was a fitness fanatic who was always at the gym. I remember an occasion when I was having dinner with a few other gym junkies, probably something macrobiotic, and we were discussing ways of making fitness more appealing to everyone. Ironically we were laughing about how funny it would be to have en exercise bike positioned in front of a monitor on which threatening images something akin to Jaws, were being shown to encourage the cyclist to go faster. When I was on the Life Fitness treadmill last week, watching and listening to video hits on my own private monitor, it struck me how close we had been to the mark back in 1992. Thanks to advancements in media technology, we now can listen to music, watch the news or a favourite sitcom and exercise at the same time. ‘Woman breaks a sweat while watching ABC news’

Media has crept (its not even that subtle), into every area of our lives and it may not be long before we will be able to carry the internet around on our person, with experimentation now being  conducted by French Universities into WBAN’s (wireless body area networks) as part of the Cormoran Project. This opens up incredible  possibilities of improved inter-connectivity via collaborative networks where individuals become data transmitting nodes. However, at the same time new technologies such as these could be utilised in ways which are a direct invasion of our privacy.

At the moment I am not too concerned with becoming a data transfer node and just enjoy the advancements in technology which allow me to go to the gym, plug into my exercise machine, listen my choice of music and watch something entertaining or informative, whilst at the same time getting a good work out! My preferred kind of media space:)



Fitchard, K 2013, ‘GIGAOM Putting Human Bodies Into the “Internet of Things”‘, BloombergBusinessweek, Technology, viewed 03 August 2013,



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