Welcome to the World of Blogjects.

image of a neuron
A neuron
Structure for The Internet of Things
Structure for The Internet of Things

It wasn’t that long ago that I first started writing blogs and was of the understanding that just humans blogged. Now I find there is something called the Internet of Things in which inanimate objects are imbued with the capability of absorbing data, making sense out of it and then sending it back out to the universe. Very similar to the process of writing a blog and therefore an object with these capabilities has become known as a Blogject. Its a crazy, groovy kind of idea when these things start to make conversations about other things that are going on in the world and from this we can aggregate new data and make new things and so it goes on. If I were to try and explain a Blogject as some type of physical being I would describe it as one of those little tracker objects which you find in science fiction, you know the ones with the red or blue eye that monitors everything and reports back to the main entity who is usually someone or something that wishes to kill you. I’m not saying Blogjects wish to kill you, just that they are everywhere all the time and report everything they see, and sometimes they even make things happen.

Now that I have you completely worried that something alien has invaded our world, you can relax. Blogjects are here to help and they want to integrate themselves, their histories, their very being into our cyber lives. If you prefer to think of Blogject on a more familiar level, you could imagine them as being like the neurons that make up our brain. Neurons collect and decipher data, retain what’s needed and release or transfer the rest. The neurons in our brain are completely self-aware and are hardwired with DNA and other pretty interesting stuff. Now imagine how our brain works-  a complete unit, each neuron doing its thing to make sense from all the small bits of data, collecting, connecting and weaving them into a web of understanding. Has the lightbulb turned on for you as yet?


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