Making a Sound Map in Fairy Meadow

This is a sound map representing sounds or noises collected from a specific area in Fairy Meadow. The piece is multi-layered and sounds are manipulated using a variety of techniques which work together to create an acoustic impression of what we may experience visually. Most of the recorded noise has been manipulated and changed in some way so that we may better cognize the concrete nature of sound. Machine noise is ubiquitous and in this environment fills every moment of sound except for the sharp interruption  of the calls from native birds and crows.

The work of Gail Priest has influenced the creation of this one-minute piece and I have tried to embed a layering of organic elements which is often evident in Priest’s productions. The original noise is no longer recognizable, instead the fundamental elements are brought forward enabling a more intuitive understanding of the sound’s composition.

What do you think?

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