Spatial Portrait – Zone 56


Using my own music piece as the inspiration for this spatial portrait, I have endeavoured to convey time as fleeting but not without a sense of permanence as though these things may have existed forever. The weathering of objects that becomes apparent when we look closely enough, contrasts with the solidness of the objects that surround us in everyday life.  The weight of our presence leaves impressions and indentations on the earth and my images represent the impact that we have on the space which surrounds us. Manmade objects begin their journey by occupying or sitting on the space they occupy however this is the beginning of a gradual process of decay and slowly merging with the environment. This is inevitable and is experienced by humans and effects objects as well.

The work of Rinko Kawauchi follows a similar exploration of objects and the way in which they occupy time and space. Things are simply portrayed but demonstrate the patterns of impressions which are all around us. This is how things are and how they are conveyed demonstrates their state of being even if it is just a fleeting moment.











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