Ramblings of a Moving Image Maker

MovingImage054_1 from Michelle Kruger on Vimeo.

First attempt (above) at moving image making without titles and further edits. A Touch Of Suburbia was the second and final attempt and the video which I submitted for assessment.

In this final Project, I endeavoured to bring the concept of place in terms of mapping as was explored from the beginning of the subject. The ways in which the context of an area’s location is made up of a variety of ‘things’. I wanted to uncover and convey the  ways in which we exist in our local environment appearing as a collection of man-made objects which we strive to own and so readily discard. The image of a Whirlpool oven sitting in the street, no longer working or abandoned for the upgrade expresses the wastefulness we surround ourselves with. Mature trees planted by someone shows some level of care for our locations but the ground is littered and fences covered with graffiti. Our locale areas are a recording or map of how we live in a place and each locale would be slightly different depending on the mix of  types such as residential or industrial or whether there is a school nearby. My approach with this one minute video is to convey the richness of texture and layers which can be used to create a sensory map of an area and how humans interact with and within it.

I started the video with an image of an older style suburban home representing the dream of home ownership making it brighter than it actually was by saturating the colours and then through the window  the viewer is taken on a tour of suburbia. The window itself transforms and sets up the notion of objects that are in transition and that things are in a constant state of change. The window acts as a portal through which the viewer is led through the layers of the map. The sound was a combination of my original work mixed down with another track which added more depth and texture. I found that the audio and the visual contributed during the creative process although the audio existed before the visual and was the initial inspiration. The image transitions were timed to work with the audio.

The video titled A Taste of Suburbia, is quite effective in its use of sound and imagery to convey a sense of place. I encountered a few technical difficulties which took me quite some time to overcome. Understanding keyframes initially was difficult to get my head around, a little like learning about layers in Photoshop. I found that once I got through this self made block, the processing of the video was much easier and the next challenge was getting the export settings correct. I found the software to be quite intrusive and was holding up the creative process, however once I got that sorted things went along quite sweetly.



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