Just a Little Bit About ME!

Relaxing with Genghis

Welcome to my blog!

I generally go by the username of Mummak50 and although it should actually be Mummak54, I decided to stop at 50. I am a third year ‘maturing’ student who has had several previous lives. I have two great kids (17 and 15) who I would have to describe as being momentarily in ‘altered states’ as I know they will eventually return to normality sometime in the future. I am also mother to a cat, a fish called Genghis, who doubles as a photographic model, a rabbit and a guinea pig and recently I have become a grandmother to a Maltese/Pomeranian named Sheba.

Understandably I am very interested in the impact that social media has on the formation and development of adolescent identity and the extent to which global and local networks directly affect their behaviour.  I grew up watching the original Dr Who and Star Trek. For quite some time I was terrified of Cybermen and had a major crush on Captain Kirk, however, this seems so innocent in comparison with the daily digital diet of today’s youth.

I am currently enrolled in a double major – Graphic Design/Digital Media and am in my third year. I have completed a diploma in web design (multimedia) and after obtaining my University degree, hope to run a successful multifaceted business exploring all things digital and communicating using any medium suitable, including writing.

Well enough said or I will never get there! As my father used to say as he passed you by….”make way for a naval officer”. (He was never in the navy so it was quite amusing). The other thing he used to say was..”too late she cried as she waved her wooden leg”. No one really understood what it meant but it usually seemed appropriate.





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